Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moving On

We've been home from our West Indies Mission for 16 months. We both went to work to help pay off some mission expenses and because what else were we going to do? Truman went to work at Downtown Furniture, our son's furniture store, as a salesman. I worked as an ESL assistant at Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School. Turns out my experience will be a big help for what we are going to do now.

In January we were ready to put mission papers in again, but we had heard about the BYU China Teacher's Program from a Sr. Couple we served with in the West Indies. Before their mission. the Olivers went to China as English teachers. I have always wanted to go do something like that, so we put in an application just to see what might happen. In April, we received word that we had been accepted at Shangdong University in Jinan, China.

On August 1st we will start a 2 week training session at BYU. Then, sometime near the end of August, we will leave for our new home, jobs, and adventure in CHINA! If you found this blog, please see the link in the sidebar to "Our China Adventure" and share our adventures with us.


Hickman Family said...

It was very fun to see you both, we have missed you and your family. That is exciting that you are going to China, we look forward to seeing all of your fun adventures you will have.....

HaroldandLoretta said...

We will miss you, but are excited about your new adventure. Be safe, Love you loretta and harold.